Saturday, December 3, 2011


I began my blog, Marilyn's Byline in late June 2011. So, it's been five months. I just noticed that I reached the 1,000 mark. That is, I have had 1,024 hits since starting my online journal. I am beyond "words." I can't believe I have touched so many readers -- and in turn, you have reached out to me and my story. I am so grateful to all of you. I appreciate you reading my entries and I especially thank you for telling others about Marilyn's Byline. Word of mouth has made a huge difference. I also know that many of you have enjoyed the bookmark I have shared with you.

Again, thanks for your tremendous support. I will continue sharing my story. Plus, I promise that I will also continue to work on my book, "High Maintenance.. Surviving Cancer at All Costs." 

I have had so much happen over the past few months. I had "three" skin biopsies -- all benign. And, recently, I underwent a needle aspiration biopsy of my right thyroid -- also benign. I will have my PET scan next month and need to schedule another colonoscopy. In other words, my doctors are keeping me busy. (Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.)

Hope you can join me and my team, Circle of Hope, at our upcoming fundraisers. (Mentioned in my blog this week.) You can "see me" this coming Tuesday, Dec. 6 at Ale House in Sanford and on Wed. Dec. 21 at Lake Mary Cork & Olive. (For my out of town readers, I know you're with me in spirit!)

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