Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Something to Celebrate!

I get the call. It's usually a nurse by the name of Frenchie and she's almost always assigned to contact me after a scan. In this case, it was pertaining to the PET scan I had on Monday morning. It was Tuesday morning and I was at the Oviedo Y. I needed to make up for lost time. Since I could not exercise on Sunday due to test prep and Monday was a total washout (being exhausted from an early morning trip to the hospital) I wanted a real workout. I had missed most of Zumba but did the last 15 minutes of class with Sharon. Then, I stayed for RIPPED with Francine. I already knew before even starting that I would be pushing -- but, I also figured I needed to jump start my weekly workouts.

Once home, I kept trying to reach Frenchie with whom I was playing phone tag. Finally, I heard her familiar voice. The word "negative" came through loud and clear. For the past eight years, I have remained in a cancer-free status. The maintenance program established by Dr. Nikita Shah, MD has been working. And, for this, I am extremely thankful.

Hearing words like "cancer-free" or "no signs of cancer" are true music to my ears. My entire body goes into a mode where I wish I were capable of "jumping really high!" In my mind, I am jumping to the ceiling and beyond. I could reach the moon with my jump! I could reach the stars and world's beyond -- all because I am so happy! While I may not be able to physically jump or move fast these days, fortunately, my mind can more than make up for what my body lacks. I was doing somersaults when I heard the word "negative." I was ready to climb to the top of the highest mountain peak! Prepared to swim across the ocean! Yes, in my mind (within my dreams) I can do anything. And, believe or not, I actually know that a great deal of my physical good health has come from my mental happiness and well being. There is a direct tie-in between the physical and mental or emotional. Being happy and feeling good mentally always helps when it comes to also feeling good physically. Exercising on a regular / consistent basis has tremendously helped me over the years to accomplish my goal of "getting better and stronger everyday in every way." 

I have so much to celebrate today! I have a lot to celebrate tomorrow! While I remain a metastatic breast cancer survivor, I continue to enjoy this cancer-free status. I am NOT cured. I will not be considered "cured" until the actual "cure" for my particular type of breast cancer is found. (I believe this will happen within my lifetime.) However, every time I have a scan and the results are "negative" for cancer or any sign of cancer -- I celebrate another victory in my journey.

And today, I finally decided on how I would publish my book "High Maintenance." I will get with a trainer at Apple (where I have a One to One training program) and begin learning a program that can take my manuscript and create an actual book. Once I complete this process, I can publish online -- those who have iBooks or other such devices will be able to purchase my book. Then, once I demonstrate the ability to generate readers who are buying my book, then I can decide on the publishing future of "High Maintenance." Ultimately, I want to see a real book on the shelves of local bookstores. Based on today's great news, I know this will happen. "High Maintenance... Surviving Cancer at All Costs," is merely the beginning of my newest adventure -- becoming a bestselling author! For me, this will be the culmination of a lifetime of dreams coming true. (Right now, my prayers of remaining "cancer free" have been answered and for this, I am eternity grateful.) 

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