Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Amoena Selects My Essay as Its Winner

Yes! It does feel great to see my byline gracing the pages of a magazine after a long hiatus. Amoena has published my essay "Embrace Every Curve" in its spring 2014 edition. It is available online this month. (See below for the link.)

My story shares the "curves" I have endured over the past 13 plus years as a breast cancer survivor. While it is the "short version" of my book (a very abbreviated version at that) I am still excited that thousands of people will be reading my work. Back in the day when I worked as the editor of several different newspapers I was always writing stories. My topics range from travel and articles about interesting individuals to medical breakthroughs. My byline has appeared more times than I can count. The name - Marilyn Wattman-Feldman - looked good on the pages of the magazines and newspapers where it appeared. But more importantly, I always put myself into every piece. That's not to say I necessarily gave my personal opinions (unless it was called for) but rather, I did my research and I worked to make every story the best I could. If my name was to appear on a published piece, then it was my intregity at state. It had to be better than good.

I had great influences along the way. There were men and women who helped shape my writing -- they helped make me a better writer simply by doing what I needed to do. I also feel a great deal of pride when I realize I attended a top notch university where I earned my degree in journalism. Temple was only a name to me when I was there. But now that I live in Florida and Temple University is unique, I understand its value. I had the best education possible. And now, I put it to work everyday when I write.

It does feel wonderful to see that byline ... it's been missing for way too long. http://issuu.com/amoena/docs/amolife_spring2014_us_screenpdf/10

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