Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm Back Online

It's been way too long. My ability to access the Internet made it impossible for me to keep up to date with my blog. Plus, I could not really stay in touch with many areas of the Internet -- accessing my FB page was a challenge since I only had my phone to use. Looking at that tiny screen has done a number on my eyes.

However, on a positive note, it allowed me plenty of time to work on my book. At this point, "High Maintenance" is coming along very well. I am writing chapters in the present .. rather than just my past experiences. I have had time to edit and rework sections and chapters, thus I feel extremely confident that the book will soon be reaching the finish line. After I know the actual book copy is completed, I will start writing all the acknowledgments and thank you messages. When I am at that point, you can be assured that getting to the next level -- determining how I want to publish, will be much easier. Needless to say, I am excited. This has been quite a journey and I cannot wait to share with all of you.

I am most grateful for every one's support and encouragement. I am not high tech and not computer savvy. My new look -- the great new banner for my blog, was created by the talented artist/graphic designer - Edward Feldman. He was recently interviewed by Bill Shafer of Growing Bolder and the blog/video Bill taped recently is now online. Check it out! Edward's latest creative endeavors are beyond amazing and I am honored that he took the time to create a new look for Marilyn's Byline.

I am busy today prepping for another PET scan. That means a day of no exercise and a totally protein-only diet.  My glucose reading this morning was 86. While that is outstanding, I do not want to reach a point where I go into a real low. Thus, I need too remain relaxed. (Obviously, hanging out by my computer should keep me both occupied and out of trouble. I won't find myself wanting to dance around or feel like taking a walk. Although, I would love to be doing both.)

I am not sure if I will be adding more chapters from my book to the blog at this time. Since I am so close to completion, I may simply wait and allow you (my readers) to see the book once it is published. I hope this makes sense and I appreciate your understanding. I want to provide you with information as well as sharing my story. But, I want to reach a logical balance as well. "High Maintenance" has been the goal all along. Since completing my play "Chemonologues" in March 2010, I have wanted to get started on a manuscript for a book. When I began writing the "words" that would become my book, it was only because of the effort I put forth during my two year play writing journey that even made this all possible. The book would never have come into existence without the play and without all the energy I put into it. There was this chronological order that had to exist in my life -- all the parts had to come together. This has finally happened. I feel whole, again.