Saturday, January 18, 2014

It's The Feldman Dynamic:10th Anniversary

We're back! At least, for one night only.

Brian Feldman Projects presents The Feldman Dynamic:10th Anniversary on Jan. 21 at the JCC theater in Maitland. To learn more about this unique performance art project and its history -- and to purchase tickets in advance visit the following link --

You can read about how this project was first conceived and then developed plus you'll find out how four members of one family can exist harmoniously on-stage for 45 minutes in a totally unscripted, unrehearsed presentation. Needless to say, it is extraordinarily different.

See you there.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Whole New Year - 2014

Without much fanfare, 2014 entered and now it is up to me to determine what I'll accomplish this year. I am not making an official resolution, although when I have done so I have had good success. I guess I am one of those individuals who really follows through.

However, this year I simply intend to follow through on what I've been up to for the past year. My biggest project: Publishing my biographic / memoir "High Maintenance." It is no longer an item on my must do list. It is becoming a reality in 2014. No other option. No way out of it. I am going to make this happen. Why? It's simple. It is not being read while it exists on my computer system. No one is reading "High Maintenance" and getting the messages I've written. I did not write this book for me or for that matter, my immediate family. (Although I hope they want to read it, too.) I wrote this book for the masses ... for people around the world. When I set out to write my manuscript it was meant to be shared with as many people as possible. I never intended it to be anything less than "a major item" or just "a book for a small group of readers." Unlike other individuals I know who have written "memoirs" in order to share certain things with family and close friends -- "High Maintenance" was written with a larger audience in mind. Thus, this project has been a major ordeal for me and I fully intend to see it become what it is intended to be ... a large publishing project that includes an ebook version as well as a "standard book" version. How that is going to happen still remains a bit of a mystery at this time, although I have been extremely busy building up my contacts. I spend hours upon hours "linking into" potential contacts who may be able to either help me publish my book or lead me to a potential contract.

Yes! 2014 will be an exciting year for me. My childhood dreams of being a "book author" will come true. While I have written for many publications over the years and have had numerous items published in various formats (including books, magazines, newspapers, etc.) this particular project is huge. I spent three long years writing "High Maintenance" -- after years of severe writer's block due to depression. The United Arts of Central Florida grant I received in 2008 for literature opened the door for this book. My play "Chemonologues" was the catalyst for the manuscript that became the book. Even from its earliest beginnings, "High Maintenance" was to become my first major book. (I have other manuscripts that need to be worked on. So, future books are already in the works.)

I know I have asked you before, but it never hurts to ask again. Do you have any publishing connections? Do you know a publishing rep? Or a publishing company looking for a non-fiction author? If so, email me right away. I am busy compiling the names and potential resources within the publishing industry. This year it will happen because there is simply no other option. I set out to accomplish this and now, my closest friends and family are "calling me out on it." I can't let them down nor can I let myself down. This will happen in 2014.

And, once I have a contract signed, sealed and a book is being printed, rest assured I will let you know the date it hits the market. You, my blog readers, will be notified in a BIG way!

This will be an amazing year, one also filled with good health. However, I have put in for a year that includes "prosperity" and "a bit of good fortune." There is a lot happening this year and I want to be a part of everything going on. To make that happen, the "financial" aspects of my life need to change for the better. As I see it, this book can and will make that happen. Am I being overly optimistic? Not at all. I am confident, of course, and that's a good thing for anyone. I do believe in my project -- I am very proud of my work. I cannot wait to have it published and finally in the hands of everyone around the world. (or on their computer screens)

Oh, and by the way, wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.