Friday, April 26, 2013

Reality Check: Copy for Book is Being Proofed / Edited

I need to keep reminding myself that it's really happening. My book "High Maintenance" is now in the proof reading stages. I have someone busy editing the copy for me and at this point, my mind is slowly beginning to ponder -- publication.

I haven't allowed myself this luxury before since I knew I needed to do the actual writing. If I thought about the "publishing" aspects before completing the manuscript, my mind would have begun wondering and not concentrating on the project itself. Thus, now I can begin thinking about publishing -- finding what route is right for me. Is there a publisher that will be interested? (I like to think so.) Can I find a rep? What about copyright law? (I do not understand legal stuff at all.) So many questions and yet, I am excited to finally be at this point. This has been a three-year long process. I feel like I'm giving "birth" and it's amazing!

If you do know a publisher, contact me. If you know anyone in the publishing business, let me know. I realize I can go the "self-publishing" route and that is certainly a possibility. However, I am very open to finding a publisher that would be interested in "High Maintenance." The individual editing my copy began reading it - and as she explained, became so "engrossed" in reading that she never "stopped" until she was finished. It was 4 a.m. when she completed the manuscript. Obviously, I was elated.

This journey began a few months after completing my play, Chemonologues. Needless to say, I am ready for the next step!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fantastic News!

"High Maintenance .. Surviving Cancer at All Costs" is even closer to becoming a published book. I have completed the copy and I will be forwarding it onto a proofreader. After three long years, I have completed the manuscript.

At this point, I am still not sure how I will publish. There is certainly the "self-publishing" concept that I can investigate. My obvious choice would be a "big-time" publisher. So, if you know anyone (who knows anyone) at a publishing company let me know.

When I was at Temple University earning my BA degree in communications (Journalism) I barely made it through Law & Ethics of Mass Communication. My big concern is copyright laws. I had read (and re-read) information about this but I remain confused. Thus, again, if there is anyone out there who understands legal stuff (I consider it a foreign language) I would appreciate your help in this area. I would like to do everything right.

This is a huge undertaking for me. I have spent nearly three years working on this book. It began shortly after the completion of my play "Chemonologues." Once the play reading was done, my brain settled down a bit and I took about three months off from writing. But when I returned to the keyboard, I started writing copy under the heading of "getting better and stronger." The actual title came about a year later after talking with my son, Brian, and getting his approval.

I like "High Maintenance" because it is so true. I am on maintenance treatments for my cancer. I still go every 12 weeks for Zometa. I also still take an anti-estrogen every night. Thus, the maintenance aspect of the title. "High" -- well, the cost of these treatments is beyond anything I ever imagined. I have seen some "insane" invoices go past me. Maintaining a cancer-free status is not only difficult but it's expensive. So, "High Maintenance" sums it all up.

I can see the finish line. That alone is incredible. I do believe in "miracles."