Monday, July 22, 2013

My Magic Wand is Broken -- My Publishing Search Continues

During the time I was writing "High Maintenance" I did not allow myself to think about anything other than the actual process of writing. I did not want to "confuse" myself or "attempt to multi-task" at any point during that three-year period. I knew it was "impossible" for me to do more than simply write. Trying to do more -- even attempting a multi-tasking process -- I knew it was wrong for me. 

Now, I have discovered that the publishing process can be challenging. Since I still get "confused easily" especially by anything legal, I have had to depend upon others to read information I get from various sources. That obvious adds more time to getting things done, but I can assure you that I don't intend to take three years to publish my book. While I was hoping this whole process would be easier, I realize that nothing in life is simple. Just getting to where I am today, both physically and mentally, has taken time. Doing it all in baby steps has never  been easy. I have had my moments of frustration. There have been those times where I have had my own personal "breakdowns" or "temper-tantrums" that may make me feel good for the moment but certainly don't get me very far. Yes! I am frustrated that things are not moving faster. I wish I could find that "magic button" that would make this whole process go quickly. I get the rep or publisher and within a reasonable amount of time, I have a published book. Easy! Sure, I wish it were that simple. I need to get a "new magic wand" -- the warranty for my older model has expired!

If you know of anyone who is a publishing rep or can help open the door to a major publisher, that's my real goal. Why? I did not write "High Maintenance" as a family memento. This book was not written on a whim. I was not writing a memoir to be read by a few close friends. I have individuals throughout the country ready to read this book. Some of these people are not necessarily known to me except perhaps via Face book or Linked In. Or through another person. (Third party?) Total strangers? Perhaps? But seriously, I know there are individuals ready to read "High Maintenance" once it is published. And, published as a real book. (Although, of course, it would be available online.)

I am checking every option. I read and re-read every email or notice I have received. Ideas provided to me are being examined. Over and over. I am looking into self-publishing, etc. But, it would be so much easier (Again, I can't stop thinking about the easy way - since everything else in my journey has been difficult.) if I could simply find that publisher (I know you're out there.) who will take my manuscript and publish it --- and help me get it out there, to the world. To my readers. To my potential readers. To readers who don't even know I have a book for them to read. 

"High Maintenance" will get published. As to when and how -- stay tuned for that next chapter in my life.